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Israel Excellence week - in Tel-Aviv- where innovation is happening within the municipality 12.5.22

Updated: May 19, 2022

Rachel Pasher Eijkenaar, Adv.

CIO Of Tel-Aviv Yafof & ITAY- innovation TEL-AVIV YAFO program

On 12.5.22, the municipality of Tel-Aviv Yafo, hosted an event about excellence and innovation within the municipality and the city's living

I was very happy to be invited by Rinat Guy the CIO of Tel Aviv , as ISCI and as this forum's representative.

We have already learned from the member of our advisory board, Dr Hila Oren, City maker and the CEO of the Tel Aviv Foundation, of the innovative activity in the city and in the foundation, and of the importance of the public areas catering to the public and the individuals that create it, needs( We also learned from Rinat Guy the CIO of the city - about the innovative activity created within the municipality(

Now we had the opportunity to visit the Tel-Aviv City zone center in Park Atidim Tel-Aviv. CityZone is Tel Aviv’s smart city and urban tech living lab, a collaboration between the Municipality, Tel Aviv University and Park Atidim Tel-Aviv, hosting startups, multinationals and policymakers, innovating in real-time, under real-city conditions. CityZone also partners with large corporates, who wish to get a peek into Israeli innovation in the smart city space. The lab includes a real-life testing site, as well as an innovation program for early stage startups, enjoying access to data as well as mentorship from the Municipality, lead researchers and private sector experts.

Tel-Aviv Yafo Council member Sigal Weitzman

Rinat Guy- the CIO

Rinat shared her personal journey in the municipality from a project manager to the CIO- on her own initiative to create this position in the municipality and to actually move it forward. Rinat engages employees in the municipality that shared her passion and today- almost 3,500 people out of a staff of 10,000 in this city, have gone through an innovation training course- some becoming innovation ambassadors in the municipality. Some of these employees, created amazing innovative ideas- such as a service bus incorporating all municipal office services that goes to homes of elderly or disabled residents; communal libraries of things - used by residents and given back for shared use- such as ladders, drills and more, innovation areas for students to engage and innovate within schools and more. All of these are part of the ITAY innovation system created by Rinat and her staff- shared and studied not only in the municipality but in the academic world and with other municipalities.

The next presenter was Gaby Kaminsky-Managing Director at Gaby gave a very interesting presentation about CityZone, it's essence as a living lab and a mini city- and about a line of cutting edge technologies that are put to test there- by startup companies- chosen by CityZone- to work there and to test their products- that can eventually improve life in the city- and from there- in other cities around the world.

Gaby Kaminsky-Managing Director at CityZone

Gaby Kaminsky - on CityZOne Living Lab

If you would like to reach out to any of these innovative people- please contact us and we will be happy to help.

Rachel Pasher EIjkenaar and Rinat Guy

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