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We have the discretion to choose what to upload to our website. Our decisions are based on multiple factors. Yet- please understand that we value all initiatives- and if yours was not uploaded or published here- please do not stop offering them to us- as next time you might get your content published here. We thank all of you for your interest and for your collaboration with us.

If you are a municipality or any other  living zone council, we will consider uploading  your one paragraph summary of municipal activity / initiative - with your contact details- to allow anyone to make contact with you. 
If you are part of a community and/or organization active within your city or living one- please offer us your innovative content and we will consider uploading and publishing them here

In this yearly track- for the payment of 
$500 a year to our forum :
1. You will be able to join our member activities- including:
a. Intl. online workshops for members - allowing new connection & collaborations with different cities and origins.
b. You will be able to offer Int. activities to our members - using our platform and its contacts.
2. We will upload summaries of your initiatives - with contact details- to allow anyone to make contact with you.
3. In addition- you will have the option to upload 2 yearly  feature stories - including photos and links to videos - on this web site, that will be published for a minimum of 18 months.
4. We have the discretion to reject your stories and summaries- if we find them  inappropriate- but will allow you to offer alternative ones.
All sharing and all services only by making contact at our contact section and not via this website

We offer different projects and activities- including online- that promote and improve innovation within the municipality, that map the innovation and knowledge and that assists the municipality in creating of it Intellectual Property.
We also offer contact with other municipalities- to allow for innovative initiatives and activities with them.
Please contact us at our contact section - for details of all services and questions of any kind.

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