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Smart City Expo&Tomorrow Mobility- Fira Barcelona-in EcoMotion-Tel-Aviv. Its all about the people!

Updated: May 17, 2022

A short talk that took place in the EcoMotion show in Tel-Aviv, Israel, : between our friends from Fira Barcelona( Ms. Delphine Romeu, Event Director - Tomorrow.Mobility( and Ms. Sonia Pollastri - Institutional Relations Manager | Smart City Expo World Congress | Tomorrow.City | Tomorrow.Mobility (, with 2 ISCI members( Rachel Pasher Eijkenaar, Adv., the manager of ISCI'S Global Forum 4 City Innovation, and with Sergio Vinitsky - and the Forum's advisory board member( .

Our guests spoke about their positions, about Tomorrow city, Tomorrow Mobility, the municipal staffs they are in touch with from a pool of 800 cities around the world and about the importance of helping to engage more staff and more residents in municipalities- to help make their cities better places for all, using the newest technologies yet not forgetting the people that make these technologies work for the people in these cities.

View the interview with both of our guests:

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