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Major Izhar Izhaki, head of innovation & Knowledge Management Division Military Prosecution- IDF

What can we learn about innovation in a military organization, about innovation in cities?

We can see that it not only about technological advancement. It is also about the needs of the organization(army or city), about the people that work there and make it move forward and about the people- individuals that have a passion for it(any innovative step that they would like to make)and the organization lead by people that are willing to help them make that step- benefiting all stakeholders.

Izhar shares with us his training path as a lawyer, as a military career officer and as an CINO (Chief Innovation Officer), responsible for innovation processes in the IDF MAG. He defines innovation, explains why innovation and improvement are important. Izhar also portrays the IDF's is constant engagement in innovation. Izhar shared two examples: The first - integrating a rehabilitation, integrative process in the IDF military tribunals - as a substitute for retributive, punishment-oriented procedure. The second - a machine learning cloud-based application for military lawyers, that allows them to perform more efficiently, with greater access to legal documents and sources. His unit had recently won an award from the IDF Chief of Staff for the innovation applied to it. It is worth watching and hearing how innovation is created in the IDF military legal practice, and how others are encouraged to create it - for the benefit of the individual and the organization as a whole.

You are invited to view this interesting discussion.

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