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Eco motion, flow & more-Yossi Dan of Chutzpah Lab & Adv. Rachel Pasher EIjkenaar of the forum

Updated: May 14

Yossi Dan, a member of ISCI & Adv. Rachel Pasher EIjkenaar of ISICI and this forum, spoke about his activities in the Smart City arena- including his collaborations with companies that sell products allowing cities to keep the flow of people, business and transportation going.

Yossi - is the co-founder of https://chutzpah-lab.com/ : "Out of Tel Aviv, Chutzpah Lab is a unique sandbox of innovation that helps your team reach their next step, at the speed of the Israeli chutzpah. Proud to be trusted by 12+ Fortune 500 corps and 2,000+ founders – still counting!" .

You are invited to view the discussion(https://youtu.be/Hs6KA43HQpw that includes subjects as smart cities, the importance of flow and Eco motion. You are invited to reach out to Yossi through our platform.


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